Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Controlling pitch-bend and Midi controls in the tracker editor

The tracker editor is very efficient for rapid MIDI editing. You can create advanced sounding synth solo very quickly, and it's very easy to alter pitch bending and other MIDI controls. The screenshot is taken from the synth solo of the SawToothJam song - and shows a pitch bend effect with the "PB" events. To insert a pitch bend - simply place the cursor in the Note column - hold control and press P. You can then alter the amount of pitch bend by modifying the value of the "Vel" column. 64 means that the pitch wheel is centered, and the wheel is rolled up down in the range from 0 to 127.

You can also alter MIDI controls, by holding control and pressing C in the note column. Then you enter the control value in the "Vel" column. The screenshot shows the base line from the same song - where the modulation controller (CC1) is added with a value of 30, and later turned off (value 0).